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Team Kules Fitness - the business

Team Kules Fitness – the business

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Hi Team,

Kat and I would like to take this opportunity to share some very exciting updates with you.

Firstly we have just received news that we have received our business registration today! We are both pretty pumped about it all, as it means we can start registering domain names, emails and get working on our website.

It’s the beginning of the latest chapter of our business life, and is…

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Challenge your workouts: Progressive Overload

Challenge your workouts: Progressive Overload

As the old sayings goes; “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten!” The same goes for training. If you want to improve your fitness or body composition (how your body looks), and results aren’t happening, then maybe you need to start challenging yourself and the work you are doing within your training program.

With that in mind, this blog will focus on

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Breakfast: Mug of Goodness

Breakfast: Mug of Goodness

Continuing on from my post yesterday, it’s important that you still count calories on the weekend.

It’s also important to slow down, spend some time caring for yourself and your well-being. One thing that helps me to do that is to cook up breakfast. This is slower than my weekday breakfast, I take my time, kick back, relax and eggs are great aren’t they? Gosh I love those little delicious yolky…

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Breakfast: Sweet Potato and Veg omelette

Breakfast: Sweet Potato and Veg omelette

So it’s the weekend. You ate all your prepped and organised meals for the week, and now you are left with what ever is in your fridge. Now you are left with weekend activities and eating around them. What do you eat for breakfast? What do you eat for the day, for the weekend without going off plan? This is something I think a lot of us get stuck with on the weekends. Or we don’t track or count…

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Improve your workout: track your heart rate

Improve your workout: track your heart rate

Last week we looked at the heart, and a summary of how much it can tell us about our workouts.  This week we will look in more depth to the benefits of tracking our heart rate while working out.

If you are serious about your training, then I thoroughly recommend purchasing a heart rate monitor. If you are serious about losing weight, getting ripped, or improving your conditioning then a heart…

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When the scales can lie…

When the scales can lie…

So this week has been eye opening for me. I jumped on the scales for the first time in a LONG time, and I pushed out 82.5kg… I jumped off those scales pretty quick. It’s not the first time I’ve weighed in around that mark, only six months ago to be precise. But that time I was actually a wee bit chubby after a good Christmas and some extended time away from training.

I thought to myself, how can…

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I’ve hit a Sunday-Meal-Prep personal best!

I’ve hit a Sunday-Meal-Prep personal best!

Ok. So it’s totes Sunday. You know, that day before Monday? Yeah that.

So I normally prep my food for during the day. That’s ok. But since Jules is off full time armying, last week I found it really hard coming home and cooking dinners for one. You really underestimate how much another person in the house, who eats like you do, makes your life soooo much easier. So I came up with a solution… COOK…

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What is your heart really telling you??

What is your heart really telling you??

The heart is my favourite muscle hands down. You think with your heart, love with your heart and it is the constant formidable opponent to your brain. However this isn’t a love story. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Australia and kills one Australian every 12 minutes, or approximately 1/3 of all deaths. Over the next two weeks I will be talking about the heart from a…

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Ladies, don’t be afraid to lift weights

Ladies, don’t be afraid to lift weights

Ok ladies, this is for you… a lot of ladies who speak to us and who are working with us want to lose weight. And I know, women in general are always aware of the following things: lose fat, tone up, look great in that dress for that function, look awesome in a bikini in summer… Well, I’m telling you now, to do this, you need to lift weights.


I’ve heard a few ladies mention that they are unsure…

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Practicing Team Kules Fitness Values - The First Month

Practicing Team Kules Fitness Values – The First Month

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It’s been a month since I signed off from social media for Team Kules Fitness. But since I am recovering from a bout of Gastro I thought I’d use the time to reflect on my first month working full time with the Army and share how I am still able to practice the Team Kules Fitness values on health and fitness. Naturally I’d love to tell you the stories about the bombs and rockets inside my pockets…

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