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Sunday is for Planning… Part 2

Sunday is for Planning… Part 2


So building on from my post earlier. I have meal prepped my lunches for the next 5 days, in the form of Moroccan Turkey. This way I can just grab’n’go during the week and know that I’m still getting all the right goodies. I can also put a whole recipe into MyFitnessPal and then it’s there to add in each day…

I planned the amount of ingredients before I cooked to suit my calorie and macro needs.…

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Sunday is for Planning…

Sunday is for Planning…

We’ve all heard the age old saying ‘failing to plan, is planning to fail’, and in terms of reaching your health and fitness goals, this is so true. If I don’t plan for my week ahead today, by setting my days for training and preparing what food I will eat, then I know I fail, feel rushed, eat the wrong things, ad don’t train as hard. So let’s take a breath and prepare the week ahead…



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Ramadan and Training in a Fasted State

Ramadan and Training in a Fasted State


Recently I have seen some bad press about Ramadan: the negative effects it has on the body, and how barbaric and stupid this practice is. Some of it really irked me, so I have decided to take this opportunity to deliver a few home truths about fasting, and training in a fasted state. I have a few mates who do Ramadan each year. But this year they will complete some really grueling training…

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Training and the “I’m too busy” syndrome - Part 2

Training and the “I’m too busy” syndrome – Part 2

Welcome back to my three-part series on about fitting in training when we say “I’m too busy”. It happens. Life is busy! But our aim is to make fitness and health sustainable for the modern lifestyle. Last week we spoke about the health benefits of exercise, and how exercise can actually benefit your work! I know crazy, huh. If you haven’t read that post I recommend you go back and have a read…

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The Evolution of Team Kules Fitness

The Evolution of Team Kules Fitness


Hi all,

I am writing my post for this week with excitement and sadness. This week I start my full time contract work with the army! This means I wont be able to blog on a frequent basis, but I look forward to writing when I can. My plan is to share with you my journey and how I keep fit and healthy during this time. For most of you this isn’t a surprise, but if you’re reading this thinking,…

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Training and the “I’m Too Busy” syndrome - Part 1

Training and the “I’m Too Busy” syndrome – Part 1

For the past few weeks we’ve been talking to you about ‘why we fall of the bandwagon’ and motivating yourself in the winter months. ‘Motivation’ is a bit of a Pandora’s Box, there’s a lot to talk about; a lot that we can say to inspire and assist others. So, I thought I’d continue on that topic by talking about ‘Training and the “I’m too busy” syndrome’…

How often have you said to yourself, “oh,…

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Why we fall off the bandwagon: Part two

Why we fall off the bandwagon: Part two

Firstly I’d like to say a big thank you to those who took the time to read our blog last week. I quite enjoyed the experience of writing an article, and I look forward to creating more articles on the “why we fall off the bandwagon” series.

As we hit the depths of another Victorian winter, the need to feel comfortable and cosy rises; having a nice log warm fire, wearing puffy jackets and having…

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Why we fall off the fitness wagon: part 1

Why we fall off the fitness wagon: part 1

Have you ever started something but haven’t finished it? You know, those gym memberships you buy but just stop going? Or the running routine you set yourself to start at 5am in the morning? Or the newest diet you try but end up eating something you’re not supposed to so just finish the whole cake?

We all start a fitness program with the best of intentions. In our heads, we think we have a clearly…

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How-To Salad

It’s summer, Christmas was yesterday, and it’s time to get back into healthy eating. Do you know what that means? Salad! Now contrary to popular belief, I have found that you DO make friends with salad; for once The Simpsons were wrong. Everyone loves a salad. You’re body loves a salad. What more could you want? Every lunch I eat salad. Salad, salad, salad. I feel healthier, lighter, happier, and I am still able to fuel myself for the rest of the day and for training. Here’s how I do it:

  1. Portion control: measure and weigh all your food
  2. Party with variety: have different salad/veggies, dressings every day. This way you’re getting a variety of nutrients and you don’t get bored.
  3. Protein: have protein with every meal. For lunch I aim for 100grams of protein.
  4. Plan ahead: prepare all your meals in advance. Don’t leave anything to chance.
  5. Pot of tea: wash it down with a herbal tea. It will help you feel full and aid digestion. Try green tea, peppermint tea, chamomile tea, lemongrass and ginger etc.

My set salad veg, avocado, carrot (absent: 2 hard-boiled eggs. They were boiling away.)

I always base my salads around a set salad veg. This makes it easier when my sister, Steph and I do our shopping for the week, we always know what to get…

Le Salade Base:

  • Handful of baby spinach / handful of baby spinach + rocket / handful of mixed lettuce
  • ½ tomato diced
  • 6 slices of cucumber, halved 

Then decide what kind of salad it will become (dun, dun, dunnn) Add: 100grams of protein, extra veggies + salad dressing. Here are some ideas…

Le Salade Varieties: 

Chicken, mushrooms, capsicum, + seeded mustard + white vinegar

Tuna, cottage cheese, olives + drizzle balsamic vinegar

Chicken, avocado, Cajun seasoning, coriander + drizzle lemon/lime juice

Tuna, kiwi fruit + drizzle orange juice

Tuna, low-cal fetta, beetroot + salt ‘n pepper

Low-cal fetta, beetroot, walnuts + drizzle extra virgin olive oil

2 hard-boiled eggs, avocado, carrot + salt ‘n pepper

2 hard-boiled eggs, asparagus, green beans + balsamic vinegar

Pumpkin, chickpeas, coriander + olive oil + salt ‘n pepper

5 bean mix, avocado, Cajun seasoning, coriander + drizzle lemon/lime juice

Kangaroo fillet, snow peas, capsicum + ketjap manis + soy sauce + rice wine vinegar + chilli

Kangaroo fillet, carrot + dijon mustard + white vinegar

Lamb, low-calorie fetta + salt ‘n pepper

Chicken, capsicum, carrot, snow pea sprouts + teriyaki sauce + chilli

Chicken, red kidney beans, corn, salsa + cumin + turmeric + paprika + salt ‘n pepper

Tuna, potato, olives + oregano + lemon juice + extra virgin olive oil

Kangaroo, green beans, carrot + teriyaki sauce + rice wine vinegar + chilli

Tuna, carrot + salt ‘n pepper + white vinegar

So now get out there. Go make friends with salad… and you get to receive these comments that will make you smile…

“Oh you’re having salad again?”, “what is that, is that lettuce?”, “are you eating…an egg?”

Embrace le salade

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Let’s Blow This Popsicle Stand

A healthy dessert creation and review

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope Santa was generous and kind and didn’t tempt you with too many sugary treats!

Today’s blog post is going to be a family Christmas affair. it is Christmas and I am going to involve my family; whether they like it or not! I’m so caring. For Christmas this year one of the awesome presents I received was a popsicle mould. Mum was a little sneaky and knew I had been searching for one for myself whilst Christmas shopping, and had managed to find me the coolest one of all; popsicle moulds shaped like little one eyed monsters!


So today’s blog is me taking my new popsicle moulds out for their first spin! But what flavours do I put in them? You can freeze anything! So which flavours are going to be the best kind of flavours both for health wise and taste reasons. As it is Christmas and I am spending time with my beautiful family, I am employing them to taste test my popsicles! It’s a tought job, but someones gotta do it.

I have divided them up into two categories: milky kinda popsicles and non-milky kinda popsicles. Sounds technical doesn’t it. Each popsicle is about 100ml so I have worked out the calorie count of each icy treat to that.

First there are the non-milky kinda popsicles:


  1. Pepsi Max-icle (1cal)
  2. Fizzy lemon, lime and bitters-icle (2cals)
  3. Organic orange juice-icle (40cals)
  4. Green tea-ice (0cal)

Then, there were the milky kinda popsicles:


  1. Chocolate protein-icle (1 scoop BSC hydroxycut protein. 77cals)
  2. Vanilla protein-icle (1 scoop BSC Womens protein. 82cals)
  3. Homemade no-fat natural yoghurt with banana-icle (100cals)
  4. Homemade no-fat natural yoghurt with almonds and honey-icle (216cals)

So please welcome to the Beautiful Fighta blog stage my Dad, Bob, my Mum, Lesley, and my sister, Steph.

Taste test time! Yew! Non-milky popsicles:

                                      Bob       Lesley       Steph       Me       PLACING

Pepsi Max-icle                        4              2               4              2                3

Lemon Lime, Bitters-icle    3.5            4.5            3              4.5             2

Orange Juice-icle                   4.5          4               4               4               1

Green tea-icle                          2             1               2               1               4

Final Result: our very scientific findings (haha) found that we all liked the OJ-icles the best, for texture and taste as it was almost like a sorbet. At only 40 calories they are not too much of a dint, but if you’re worried about you’re calorie count then the lemon, lime and bitters came a very close second as it was very refreshing and had a touch of nice sweetness. The pepsi max had good flavour but you need to like cola and the flavour disappears quite quickly. The green tea lost all it’s flavour when it froze.

Now for the Milky-kinda Popsicles:

                                     Bob      Lesley      Steph      Me     PLACING

Chocolate Protein-icle             3.5             1                3            3              3    

Vanilla Protein-icle                  3.5             1                3            2              4

Yoghurt and Banana-icle         4              2                3            3.5            2

Yoghurt, Almond, Honey-icle  5              4                4            4              1

Final result: hands-down the whole family enjoyed the Natural Yoghurt with Almond and honey the best but all were conscious of the calorie count. We all decided that if we were to do it again we would combine the recipe of the almond and banana popsicles by adding honey or sweetener (eg. Stevia) to the Yoghurt, Banana-icle. By adding honey to the Now-Fat Natural Yoghurt and Banana-icle it brings the calorie count to about 140cals, by adding just stevia it would stay around 100cals. Mum and Dad don’t eat protein powder and Mum hated it (hehe), she found it powdery and felt it tasted like raw flour, blah.

So I actually found these “scientific” results quite different to what I thought. I’m looking forward to making a batch at home and when I’m craving a cold, summery, sweet treat really bad I will pull out my OJ or Lemon, Lime and Bitters popsicle! Nom. What flavours can you create?

Kat x

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