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Christmas Goals, Christmas Goals, Christmas All the Way!

It’s Christmas Eve!! Santa comes tonight!! However, I ain’t leaving Santa no milk and cookies, I’m leaving him celery and natural peanut butter. Protein and greens Santa, protein and greeeens.

This is one of the best times of the year. It’s hot, and sunny and we get to spend awesome times with family and friends. My family is a very close family and I don’t think we have ever spent a Christmas apart. However, because we love each other’s company so much we do tend to get a little over excited when we see each other; and when I say over excited I mean we eat and drink way too much. Does laughing too hard cancel either of those out? No? Oh well, we try anyway…

I love my family but sometimes when I’m training a lot or working towards a fight I do find these times so hard. To train hard I have to make sure I am putting the right fuels into my body, and putting in the wrong thing even if it’s miniscule, you do feel it. There have been times around family birthdays, but I’m trying to drop weight for a fight; oh man that sucks so bad! It’s hard to be around the people you love and they are all having a wonderful time enjoying each other’s company, drinking, eating platefuls of food, and chocolate. I used to get a little bit of pressure from them, but now they are incredibly supportive of my goals, and my choices. They worry if my training, life balance is a bit out of whack, but that’s just because they love me.

Luckily this Christmas I don’t have to be incredibly careful watching what I eat, but I don’t want to be too silly, as I am fighting at the end of January and February. My last fight was two weeks ago, and I’m just coming back into training now after two weeks of rest, and when I say rest I mean NO training, more sleeping, and a few more carbs! It was nice, good times, good times. Now, these ‘good times resting’ did result in me putting on a kilo, dammit. Overall, that’s not too bad really. There are a lot of fighters that put on 5-10kg and I’m nowhere near that. Yay. I do want to stay small as I’m fighting at 54kilos at the end of February and my trainer suggested fighting smaller. That. Will be. Tough.

So, to get through this holiday season, enjoy my time with my family, and keep working towards my fitness goals, I am going to set myself Christmas goals. JINGLE GOALS! I am going to be proud of myself on Christmas day, and after it. No matter what…

My Christmas goals:

  • I will drink my normal 2-3 litres of water per day
  • I will train every day
  • I will still eat my normal 5 small meals per day in the Christmas lead up and post Christmas wind down and prepare things in advance (eg. To have my silent snack assassin almond stash in my bag)
  • I will still eat clean; whole foods, fruit, vegies, protein, avoid the things I don’t eat anyway like sugar! And on Christmas Day, to NOT overindulge on sugar. (It gives me heart palpatations. Does it stop me from eating it? Ummm no)
  • I will serve myself small servings, no more than I normally eat.
  • When I’m full I will push my plate away.
  • I will be proud of myself, my eating and my training after Christmas day
  • I will still be focused and disciplined with my training and the fuel I put into my body
  • I will enjoy my time with my family, not be over-obsessive about my food and training, and have an nice even balance around Christmas time
  • I will train hard leading right up to Christmas day. Every second counts.
  • I will get up early and train Christmas morning, and enjoy the beautiful Christmas morning outside. Have you ever been out Christmas morning? It’s so quiet!
  • I will have a Christmas Day afternoon siesta. It has to be done. Therefore it gets a goal.

So take that, Santa! Have a face full of these instead…

I’ve got abs to look after…

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